Aditya Bhise: Chinese Scammer’s Son

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Aditya Bhise is the son of Bharat Bhise, a scammer who earned his wealth by defrauding investors based in China & Hong Kong.

The Corrupt Activities of Aditya Bhisé, Vijay Mallya, and HNA

Over the years, Bharat Bhise has been a part of many international deals associated with renowned global brands. Unfortunately, some of them have either declared bankruptcy or are facing legal troubles. Currently, he holds the role of CEO and founder of Bravia Capital. He is an investor and a ‘dealmaker’ on an international scale.

When I think of Bharat, no disgraced businesses, such as HNA or Vijay Mallya, come to my mind despite the country having had dealings with them.

He has made a great effort to erase any memory of his questionable affiliations.

The purpose of this review is to more closely examine Bharat Bhise and his involvement in various questionable activities:

Numerous Lawsuits in Which Aditya Bhise Has Been Engaged

Over the last few years, Bharat Bhise has been involved in several major legal proceedings. His business, Bravia Capital, has brought forth and contended with a multitude of lawsuits concerning contracts and unsuccessful transactions.

In the Bravia Capital Partners Inc vs Fike case, a lawsuit was filed which included accusations of fraud and perjury on the part of Bharat Bhise’s company. These accusations consisted of the creation of false documents, giving false testimony under oath and attempting to deceive the court.

A lawsuit was brought to the District Court in the Southern District of New York. Despite the numerous incongruities and serious errors found in the testimony of Bravia Capital Partners, there was no sign of fraud.

The court was asked by Fike to take punitive action against Bravia by way of sanction.

  • Dismissal of the declaratory judgment action
  • Entering a default judgement in favor of Bravia on her counterclaims
  • Establishing reasonable attorney’s fees

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It is important to remember that Bravia Capital, being a major capital firm, has the capacity to hire the finest attorneys due to their strong purchasing power.

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Despite this, the Court determined that a document bearing a false signature had been provided by Bharat Bhise. Consequently, it determined that the Court should ask him to explain why a personal sanction should not be imposed.

Information regarding Frank Glassner of Veritas Executive Compensation Consultants can be found on

In 2015, there was an instance where there is not much data accessible on the legal dispute apart from a few court records. Remarkably, during the case, Bharat’s firm had wiped out a number of vital documents and messages.

It is possible that this could be a consequence of the public relations endeavours of Bharat; who can be sure?

In addition, this is not the only legal action in which he has been engaged.

In 2020, Bravia Capital Partners Inc brought a legal complaint against Hong Kong Bohai Leasing Asset Management Corp Limited to the U.S. District Courts of the New York Southern District.

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This case, which deals with contracts and any related disputes, is yet to be resolved by the court.

It is undeniable that Bharat Bhise has continuously been embroiled in controversies. Nonetheless, this is not the only thing of note.

Before getting involved with politics, Bharat Bhise had been employed in China. There, he was implicated in a massive fraud. This will be discussed further in the subsequent section of this review.

The Role Played by Aditya Bhise in the Formerly Established HNA:

At one point, many people were praising HNA Group Co as a rapidly expanding enterprise, both in China and abroad. This Chinese corporation had multiple holdings in various locations.

In 2020, the Chinese government seized the assets of HNA Group, as it was overwhelmed by its huge debt. This was the last straw for the company, which had already begun to struggle in the southern Chinese city of Haikou. By the end of October, all of its assets had been taken.

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In 2021, the Chinese government apprehended the chairman of HNA Group Co and its CEO Tan Xiangdong, charging them with unspecified offenses.

Under the guidance of HNA, the company took advantage of the plentiful credit accessible to them from the Chinese government during its upswing to finance a myriad of foreign purchases. Notable investments they made included procuring shares in Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. and Deutsche Bank AG.

HNA was placed 170th on the Fortune 500 list in 2017, though its debt to creditors had risen to 93 billion dollars the subsequent year.

With the majority of its leadership now absent, discussion about it has all but ceased. Nonetheless, many have forgotten that Bharat Bhise was once a major shareholder in this firm.

The Association of Aditya Bhise and HNA:

An examination of the ties between Bharat Bhise and HNA uncovers a relationship between the two.

During the expansion of the Chinese enterprise, Bharat Bhise decided to take on a 30% share without any remuneration as a gesture of goodwill. According to Bhise, he had received ‘no compensation’ for it.

This assertion appears to be rather peculiar given HNA was a Fortune 500 organization and was one of the biggest in China.

Bharat, a major stakeholder, was a facilitator for HNA Group Co in a multitude of Mergers & Acquisitions. He asserted that the stocks he was dealing with were never his but instead were merely “kept in trust” by him.

At the time, Bharat was responsible for controlling George Soros’ investment in Hainan Airlines’ (ticker symbol 600221.SS) primary asset in 1995.

Additionally, he had a seat in the board of 5 companies that were invested in by HNA. These comprised Ingram Micro (an American electronic corporation) and Avolon Holdings (an aircraft renting business).

Bharat, the chairman of Bravia Capital, collaborated with HNA in the international investments, such as Africa World Airlines, MyCargo Airlines and SeaCo, a marine container firm.

Investigating the Obscure Ownership of HNA:

A look into the complexity of the Chinese conglomerate and the lack of transparency in its governing structure.

The decline of HNA began when Geo Wengui, a Chinese billionaire on the run, asserted that people in the Chinese Communist Party and their family members had stakes in HNA that had not been disclosed.

Furthermore, he asserted that HNA had let Chinese government officials and their family members to take advantage of the firm’s planes for ‘solely individual purposes’.

This caused a lot of people and authorities to be doubtful of HNA’s ownership structure. Additionally, it made people comprehend how peculiar the framework really was.

Recently, the “Indian dealmaker” has been a topic of great interest after transferring his 30% share in the firm to someone called “Guan Jun”. As per the media, Guan Jun has affiliations with one of China’s most influential political figures.

In 2017, Guan acquired Bharat’s share from him.

The China Human Rights Accountability Center urged for an examination of the transaction and released a number of relevant facts.

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No details were revealed by either Bharat or HNA when questioned about the arrangement. Both declined to give away any information concerning the passing of the conglomerate’s control.

The intensity kept escalating, prompting HNA to issue a public statement. In the letter, they made no mention of Guan, and instead asserted that Bharat’s shares in the firm had been transferred to an American philanthropic organization.

Bharat then mentioned that the corporation’s top management had a Buddhist mindset and desired that the stocks eventually be donated to charitable causes.

The donation was one of the most substantial to a US foundation ever made in the annals of philanthropy.

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Bharat Bhise never made known how his shares, worth billions, passed into the possession of Guan Jun. It was found that Guan’s registered address was that of a modest flat, with a garbage-filled building nearby.

Guan Jun’s business address, too, was a massage parlor situated in a residential area. This information was certainly fabricated, thus indicating that both Bharat and HNA were not being transparent.

International media found both Bharat and Guan’s stock investments to be dubious and dubious. HNA argued that Guan had not been employed by the company, however, news reports claimed he was a co-chairman of an HNA P2P loan platform.

Taking into consideration the questionable ownership of HNA, Bank of America declined to do any business dealings with them. Nevertheless, after having faced various accusations, no action was taken against Bharat Bhise, who has since been able to move onto other projects.

Aditya Bhise and His Connections to the Shamed Entrepreneur Vijay Mallya:

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It is evident that Bharat was embroiled in one of the most notorious company scandals of recent times. Undoubtedly, he was not keen for the notoriety of HNA to be associated with his name.

He began to provide interviews to various media sources and magazines.

In an interview, he revealed the beginnings of his career. Before coming to the US to study for an MBA, he was employed in sales in India.

Having earned his MBA, he accepted a position in management at the same institution, but chose to return to his home country of India after a few years.

This is where it becomes fascinating.

Once he arrived in India, Vijay Mallya became his employer – a person who is notorious for the accusations of fraud, embezzlement, and money laundering against him in India.

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Indian banks are claiming that Vijay Mallya has a debt of $1.35 billion and ran away to the UK after causing his company to go into bankruptcy. It is further alleged that he has sent $520 million to various tax havens.

Prior to the HNA scandal, Bharat had already gained experience through collaborating with Vijay Mallya in some capacity which eventually became a corporate fiasco.

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  • The range of scammers and the vast network they had for scamming people has increased a lot over the last 4 years. After the pandemic, the craze and popularity of digital marketing and earning through investment schemes was the opportunity for scammers to run fraudulent schemes.

  • The criminal charges against the HNA group and their arrest made everyone shocked by the harsh step taken by the Chinese government.

  • By the way Bharat Bhise’s good deeds were in vain when they took the 30% shares without any compensation.

  • Now Vijay Mallya angle has introduced a typical angle to the article, this man has made several investors into tears of blood. Still, the Indian government is making special criminal charges against the criminal, according to the media channels and social media, his personal property is being auctioned to get back the money that he had scammed in front of the investors.

  • Aditya Bhise has suffered a lot of dissipation because of Vijay Mallya and the HNA group, looks like China didn’t suit him, thus he faced a lot of demolishing, financially, and also the loss which the company suffered can’t be compensated.

  • The way the HNA group targeted Aditya Bhise’s Bharat Bhise financially they provided a lot of loss to the company.

  • The moment they provided the answers to the media houses about their involvement with the scandals and notorious scams of all time, they answered not to add their name to the scam, they never indulged in any sort of scams, thus requested not to add their name with those notorious companies for any sort of involvement in any scandals.

  • If you study his interview, you will find Aditya mentioned several times that he is not involved in any type of criminal or notorious scams thus he appealed not to demolish his company’s status. He also disclosed his past education and how he entered to this industry, according to me Aditya is a sweet boy who got scammed by these high-profile entities.

  • My only suggestion to all young entrepreneurs is not to get indulged in any of these high-profile scammers.

  • Avoid these fuc#ing scammers at all costs, instead of a business deal you will be getting the tag of scammer too, or your company will be facing the consequences of losing the value in the market.

  • The HNA group in China is famous for its notoriety and then Vijay Mallya the combo of these two can make anyone feel hell like a situation on earth, I can bet you that Aditya was not aware of these market tactics, where these high profiles notorious people will use your company like an asset and never make you earn any profit.

  • Before getting in touch with Vijya how come Aditya trusted this criminal and high-profile scammer?

  • By the way Aditya suffered a lot after having the group of scammers with him, his present experience would be good enough to keep him on the right path for a lifetime.

  • Bharat Bhise is partnering with Mizuho Leasing for future development. However, it is worth noting that there is a past incident involving Bharat Bhise who owns 70% of Rent Alpha that could potentially affect the deal. Bharat Bhise has been embroiled in various legal controversies in recent years, with allegations ranging from fraud to perjury. In one particular case, Bravia Capital of Bharat Bhise, faced allegations of producing false documents, lying under oath, and defrauding the court.

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